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About us

We provide key solutions in times of change. We enhance insight into market dynamics. And we coach entrepreneurs on their way to authenticity. This alone prevails.

We have ourselves undergone ups and downs over last 20 years of our existence. Originally founded in the hype of the so-called “new markets” around 2000 we have always developed communicative and technical strategies for a whole range of smaller companies, from car dealers to designers of golf courses.

For our customers we developed analytical procedures for measuring up marketing strategies, we designed websites and phrased, not to forget the fact that we implemented software and applications, and lat but not least, we re-structured and financed companies. And we are proud of the fact that we saved a few of them from bancruptcy.

As is the fact, even NPOs are (almost by definition) SMEs. And we have both advised and in some instances we even managed non-profit organizations. Be it in thrive, be it in crisis.

For a few years then, we ourselves had to stop all activities due to a fatigue condition. When we eventually resumed the idea (“supporting SMEs”), we decided to revive the brand, as well. A big step, but we decided to paint the whole picture, as it were. We are convinced our clients will profit from it!

Today business again (like in 2000) concentrates on marketing strategies and best practises, but markets are utterly split up in age-groups, channels and platforms. As we see big players and even highly renowened political parties tumble and even fall, we offer our clients practical and often enough technical help in managing their valuable task.

SMEs do need networks to be able to survive. For nattworks both equipping smaller companies and relate the to everything they would need for survival and success (including networking) is essential. It is our “operating system”, our DNA and the thing we work for.

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